You can find most of my projects at GitHub, or by looking at the website of my current employer – Premium Plus – a belgian Zendesk Partner.

If any projects are of interest, feel free to contact me for more information

Zendesk Widget Guide generates Zendesk Widget configuration code based on the Web Widget API. This tool allows you to change colors, text and buttons. You can show or hide specific interface elements, fill in form fields, translate the interface or rebrand the widget to match your brand and style

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Zendesk Widget Configurator

A web tool that allows for configuration of the Zendesk Widget parameters. - This is a v1. The new one is now at

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Sidebar app that allows light agents to re-assign tickets in Zendesk.

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Hide Groups

A small Zendesk utility that allows you to hide groups in the Assignee dropdown.

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Zendesk Talk Status

A web app that allows you to remotely set the status of your Zendesk Talk account. It was created before Zendesk introduced the same feature in their mobile app.

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Read Only Fields

Make specific ticket fields required for Agents in Zendesk.

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Hide Form Fields

Hide Zendesk ticket fields for agents.

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QR as a Channel

Zendesk App that generates QR codes that, when scanned, open prefilled Zendesk form in Zendesk Guide.

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Autofill Guide Forms

Zendesk App that allows for prefilled Zendesk form in Zendesk Guide.

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Required Fields

Make ticket fields required for agents before submitting any update.

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Quick Note

Add a note to the Event timeline of a ticket (Zendesk Sunshine)

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Switch Trade In

Website that calculates the trade-in value of an old Apple device.

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Deployed Zendesk Projects

In no particular order, all Zendesk Projects