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Why I Walk

Why I Walk
Why I Walk
Walking as learning
While that is certainly not the most efficient way to see a city, it is the most pleasant, insightful, and human. I don’t think you can know a place unless you walk it, because it isn’t about distance, but about content.

Cars suck for that. They are a brutal way to get to know a place. A literal metal bubble that cuts you off, zooms your through, and then dumps you in another bubble of your choosing. A wall between you and the world.

Bikes are much better. They are more open, bring you closer, allow you to stop more, but they still cut you off from so much, mostly by bogging you down with gear.

Last week I walked 20km a day throughout London with friends for 4 days in a row. Discovered streets, sights and places I’ve never seen before.

Loved it.

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