FeedWrangler is my current RSS platform of choice and aside from being rock solid and fast, it also allows for the creation of Smart Streams based on criteria.

Since I follow a lot of Apple blogs, non-Apple-related news tends to go lost in the barrage of Apple news that’s unleashed during WWDC week.

That’s why, for these last years, I’ve created a couple of custom Smart Streams curated around WWDC so I can read those first. What’s left in my stream is all non-WWDC news.

  • WWDC – contains WWDC OR Keynote
  • WWDC iOS – contains WWDC AND (iOS OR iOS9)
  • WWDC OS X – contains WWDC AND (OSX OR “OS X”)
  • WWDC Watch – contains WWDC AND (watchOS OR Watch)

During the week I modify these filters to include items released at WWDC. Last year I added the word Yosemite to the OS X stream, and created a new one for HealthKit and other iOT concepts.

Due to the massive amount of rehashed items and articles that tell the same story as a dozen others, these WWDC articles tend to bore me after a while. By filtering WWDC items by theme I can also quickly scroll through the list, pick a few interesting ones and bulk delete (or mark as read) the rest.