Product Wishlist

A list of missing features in tools I use.

A list of missing features in tools I use.


Zendesk Suggestions and Feedback
An overview of feedback and suggestions for Zendesk products


  • Replies as author in comments
  • Multiple blogs under one login (instead of having a separete email/password per blog)
  • Linked posts (small articles with a few lines of comments) as posts only, and combine them into one email after a week/month so subscribers
  • Donation button for subscribers (free + donation instead of subscribe)
  • Mobile App
  • Only email an excerpt
  • Support for  #url shortcuts to sections inside article
  • Automated page of contents for longform articles


  • Tint Color for the UI
  • Standalone reading list app (or integrate into News) with archive, tag and offline function.
  • Change Flashlight shortcut to app if choice
  • Sync Room photos
  • Replace today screen with control center
  • Recently updated in App Library
  • Share only one or selected contacts in apps
  • Files/Folders in iPad Dock
  • Unlock iPad with Apple Watch
  • Focus Lock Screens for iPad
  • Notification status sync across devices
  • Battery widget reflects all devices
  • iMessage for Android (💀WhatsApp)
  • Home Video in macOS TV app can be stored in iCloud and available everywhere.
  • Apple News 🇧🇪
  • Apple Card 🇧🇪
  • Apple Pay via iMessage 🇧🇪
  • Bike Maps 🇧🇪
  • Input Actions in Widgets (buttons)
  • Allow downloads from any device similar to how Nintendo Switch does it  


  • Gists for Organisations - Allow all users to edit gists


  • Conditional access - Allow admins or team leads to give employees access after requesting access and hiding the credentials by default
  • Items across vaults - Teams needs access to same item but not worth the hassle of vault for 1-3 items. So maybe add the social Instagram account to both the Marketing and SysAdmin vault.
  • Google Workspace Provisioning - Sync Google groups and users to 1Password natively


  • FileAPI - Allow handling formData() file uploads
  • User Directory for independent Zero Trust
  • SMTP support for Cloudflare Workers