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NMBS Belgian Rail Support in iOS 12 and iOS 11

iOS 12 shows Belgian trains routes and schedules now.

Pretty awesome.

Update:  this is already live in iOS 11!

WWDC 2018

More as a reminder for myself than a real useful thing, but below you’ll find my Keynote wishlist.

iOS, watchOS, macOS

major bits

little bits

iCloud and Enterprise


Wishful thinking

1Password 7

I’m not the first to write about 1Password, and I certainly won’t be the last. But if you don’t already use 1Password to manage your passwords, logins and licenses, download the latest release and give it a spin. You won’t regret it.

I currently have a Team account running for Work, and a Family Account shared between me and my wife. Honestly, I’d have no idea how my IT Team could work without shared vaults. One Time Passwords, SSH keys and certificates safely shared and available to all team members, continuously updated? That alone is worth its money.

Awesome app.

Word Crimes. There’s no X in Espresso

Nobody’s perfect. Although Yankovic comes pretty close.


“By the way, here is an important lesson about delegation: remember that everyone else is also most productive when they’re doing what they like, and do what you’d want other people to do for you—try to figure out who likes (and is good at) doing what, and delegate that way. If you find yourself not liking what you’re doing for a long period of time, seriously consider a major job change.  Short-term burnout happens, but if it isn’t resolved with some time off, maybe it’s time to do something you’re more interested in.”
— Sam Altman

Some things you read resonate more than others. This one gave me the final push to quit my job last week.

I’ll start somewhere new later this summer. More on that later.

Call it my shoelace moment.

iMac Pro. Also: Penguins

I really like the way Austin Mann reviews Apple hardware.

Also Penguins

iCloud Messages and a 5GB limit

The following tweet for Greg Pierce made me think about something I wrote last year.

I know a couple of friends who have disabled iMessage in their iCloud backups because they don't fit in that pesky 5GB limit.

Since users who have iCloud Backup enabled and have a 2FA iCloud account get automatically enrolled into iCloud Messages, surely Apple has foreseen the fact that tens of thousands of users' iCloud Storage limits will cry out in terror and backups will be suddenly silenced?

So now I wonder.. what if Apple releases Messages in iCloud at WWDC18 combined with an increased storage limit for iCloud? 50GB instead of 5GB should do nicely and is a nice way of showing off iCloud Messages during WWDC18 without making it a rehash of last years backup by reframing it within an iCloud upgrade:

"iCloud now has a 50GB limit. BOOM. Perfect to store all your messages, photos and documents in the cloud and synced across devices.'

One can hope.

Bye Bye AirPort

Apple ended their AirPort product line today. Long overdue if you ask me. There were good products at their time, but with a lack of improvements and updates they’re ways behind the more modern mesh networks.

Need a replacement? Try this Google Wifi 3 pack.

Refactoring UI

Pretty awesome new YouTube channel. The guy takes a basic web design and makes it fancy/modern/nice/usable.

Related: the Twitter account from the same guy.


You know that phrase: turn your hobby into your job and you’ll never work another day? Yeah, I was naive enough to believe that too.

But when the company you work for suddenly changes culture, your once purposeful and fulfilling job may turn into something cumbersome and mentally tiring. And bit by bit your hobby — the thing that you’re passionate about — starts to feel like work.

Work and life really are polar opposites. They attract and repel and are never really in balance.