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Notes of the Screen

Fabled Men and the Future
John Williams returns, but where will we be without him?
To me, John Williams is like the sun. As someone born in the late ‘70s and thus brought up on a diet of “Star Wars” and its many imitators and bedfellows, “Johnny,” as he used to go by, has been soundtracking my life for as long as I can remember. No matter the chaos of everything, both in and out of the film world, there has always been the expectation that a Johnny Williams score will be here soon. And that it’ll at least provide a profound emotional experience, as his music always does.

Accidentally stumbled upon a new newsletter today that’s right op my alley. Notes of the Screen is all about soundtracks and their composers.

While working I’m almost always listening to soundtracks. Being it The Score on Apple Music or a specific soundtrack, I just find them active enough to make a workday enjoyable, but passive enough to not hinder my thoughts. Something that “regular” music tends to do.