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iCloud Messages and a 5GB limit

iCloud Messages and a 5GB limit

The following tweet for Greg Pierce made me think about something I wrote last year.

When (and if) Apple ships iMessages cloud sync, is it going to count against iCloud storage?

Because I know a lot of people that will be all up in that 5 GB limit pretty quick with that enabled.

— Greg Pierce (@agiletortoise) May 2, 2018

I know a couple of friends who have disabled iMessage in their iCloud backups because they don’t fit in that pesky 5GB limit.

Since users who have iCloud Backup enabled and have a 2FA iCloud account get automatically enrolled into iCloud Messages, surely Apple has foreseen the fact that tens of thousands of users’ iCloud Storage limits will cry out in terror and backups will be suddenly silenced?

So now I wonder.. what if Apple releases Messages in iCloud at WWDC18 combined with an increased storage limit for iCloud? 50GB instead of 5GB should do nicely and is a nice way of showing off iCloud Messages during WWDC18 without making it a rehash of last years backup by reframing it within an iCloud upgrade:

“iCloud now has a 50GB limit. BOOM. Perfect to store all your messages, photos and documents in the cloud and synced across devices.’

One can hope.