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Four questions. (2023)

Four questions. (2023)

We had a culture workshop at work this week. They asked four questions which om probably going to re-ask myself every year from now on.

What makes you happy

Building stuff. Could be cooking, Lego tower, an app. Healthy pressure. Getting stuff.

What makes you sad

Stupidity. Stubbornness. Work without a purpose. Rules for the sake of rules. Indecisiveness.

Personal guidelines

Focus. Human. World.

Focus is saying no to something you think is a phenomenal idea but say no because you focus on something else.

People and privacy are important and should come first. I develop with privacy at its core. After all, we’re all just humans separated by screens.

Climate change is here. We should all do what we can to reduce our impact.

Ultimate dream

I’m living it.

Patience. Don’t react on impulse/experience but on new facts.

Does this matter in a week/month?