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.com domain


How and why we acquired our .com domain
The story of acquiring and migrating from supertokens.io to supertokens.com
But in 2022, we ended up buying it after all. Today, supertokens.io redirects to supertokens.com – this is the story of how and why we did it.



Despite being so common, the word “Stripe” was interestingly free of any existing brand associations. And everything it evoked was at least vaguely positive — racing stripes, striping across a RAID array, the magnetic stripe on a card. But we had to decide whether a nice name was worth the price we'd have to pay, whereas we'd already spent the $20 to register our PayDemon domains.

We debated and debated. We couldn't come to a decision. Finally I declared that if we couldn't come to a decision in a week, we would default to Stripe.

And we never came to a decision.