112, our version of 911, just released an App that allows you to contact emergency services and immediately send them your location, name and contact information. Pretty useful in case of an emergency.

Update: Apparently, this is already part of iOS too via Emergency SOS, so not THAT useful, but better be safe than sorry I’d guess?

Older version of this post: Would be awesome if this could somehow be integrated with iOS 11’s Emergency SOS

Restoring iCloud Data via iCloud.com

It appears Apple has added the option to iCloud which allows users to restore deleted iCloud data.. When you got to iCloud.com and look under the Settings Menu, there are now options to restore specific iCloud Drive files or an archive of your contacts or calendars for a specific date.
They even make an archive of your existing dataset so you can restore an older set, get the data you need and put the current one back:

  • The archive of calendars and reminders you select will replace the calendars and reminders on all your devices.
  • Your current Calendars and Reminders will be saved and archived as a separate version.

Pretty cool!