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Indiana Jones – Echoes from the Past

1Password 7

I’m not the first to write about 1Password, and I certainly won’t be the last. But if you don’t already use 1Password to manage your passwords, logins and licenses, download the latest release and give it a spin. You won’t regret it.

I currently have a Team account running for Work, and a Family Account shared between me and my wife. Honestly, I’d have no idea how my IT Team could work without shared vaults. One Time Passwords, SSH keys and certificates safely shared and available to all team members, continuously updated? That alone is worth its money.

Awesome app.


“By the way, here is an important lesson about delegation: remember that everyone else is also most productive when they’re doing what they like, and do what you’d want other people to do for you—try to figure out who likes (and is good at) doing what, and delegate that way.

If you find yourself not liking what you’re doing for a long period of time, seriously consider a major job change.  Short-term burnout happens, but if it isn’t resolved with some time off, maybe it’s time to do something you’re more interested in.”

— Sam Altman

Some things you read resonate more than others. This one gave me the final push to quit my job last week.

I’ll start somewhere new later this summer. More on that later.

Call it my shoelace moment.

Word Crimes. There’s no X in Espresso

Nobody’s perfect. Although Yankovic comes pretty close.

iMac Pro. Also: Penguins

I really like the way Austin Mann reviews Apple hardware.

Also Penguins

Steve Jobs. 1992

Three takeaways:

  • His vision on education. Education is an important market because you train tomorrow’s engineers and they tell you what’s wrong with your product. I wonder how much of it will still resonate in Tuesday’s event. (48:23)
  • Why companies should invest in hardware and software. He argues if you want to sell great software you need the hardware to subsidize the development. I wonder if today’s Apple has made a 180 on that? You can argue they are now more about hardware than ever before. (18:03)
  • Train people when they make mistakes instead of fixing the mistake. Invest in people (51:20)

Also, if anyone can explain me what he means with Objects?  I get the gist but an example of companies that sell objects would be great Does he mean something similar to homebrew packages but commercially?

Peaking into Instagram

I hope this post provides some useful insight into how I approach looking for unreleased features in iOS sofware, if you like what I do and would like to see more content like this, you can support me on Patreon. Make sure to follow my posts on 9to5mac as well. – Guilherme Rambo

Pretty insightful breakdown on how to disassemble and peak into an iOS app.

macOS 11 concept

Nice concept. I especially like the idea of collaborative iCloud folders. It’s the one thing missing from iCloud.

Device syncing is a weird one though. With iCloud, who needs iSync?

Update: The guy also has a nice iOS 12 concept

Solo. Recut.

Way better vibe than the original version.  

Infinite Loop. Alexa, Google and Siri.

You know that game where you sit in a circle and the first person says a phrase to the next person and so on until it reaches the original person again in a butchered form?

I have to say, the way they implemented this is nicely done. I’ve been thinking of another way to trigger this loop but I’ve come up short. Maybe reading messages aloud?