WWDC 2018

More as a reminder for myself than a real useful thing, but below you’ll find my Keynote wishlist.

iOS, watchOS, macOS

major bits

  • New reminders app that forgets the cards concept
  • Integration for third party apps in Siri watch face
  • iOS Safari Desktop Mode which would makes site backends like Squarespace or Zendesk finally work.
  • Podcast.app for Apple Watch
  • Time Machine backups to iCloud, or expand synced iCloud Drive Folders in macOS.

little bits

  • Change Flashlight shortcut on iPhone X to app if choice
  • True black mode for iBooks
  • Sync Home.app Room photos
  • The ability to receive more than one document at once via AirDrop
  • The ability to change photo album cover photos on iOS
  • Background downloads for iOS Safari.

iCloud and Enterprise

  • Shared iCloud Drive folders with family members
  • Shared iCloud Photo a library albums with family members
  • A way to distribute IAP via VPP
  • A way to push macOS releases to devices via MDM (installhighsierra)
  • SAML integration for Managed AppleIDs for easier deployment via OneLogin, Okta or Google or AD.


  • Apple Pay in Belgium
  • Apple News Worldwide
  • TV app to replace Movies
  • Predictive keyboard in Dutch
  • De Lijn and NMBS in Apple Maps

Wishful thinking

  • iCloud Movies Library, making all your movies available everywhere
  • Desktop mode for iPad with support for keyboard, trackpad and display.
  • Siri available on any device with the same feature set without the need for third party apps to be installed on that device.