Waterproof Watch

My Apple Watch has been on my arm continuously since April. I wear it every day, and I only take it off to charge it at night. I wear it while working, showering, doing the dishes or running. And although my answer to everyone who asks me what I use it for is: pretty much nothing, wearing it is such a habit that I would instantly replace it if it ever broke or get lost.


I’m on holiday at the moment and before we left one of the decisions that I “had” to make was: do I use the watch in the swimming pool? And what about the sea?

Inspired by Furbo and because do, or do not, there is no try is a good motto, I decided to give it a go and dove headfirst into our pool, my watch firmly on my wrist.  And… it’s awesome. A week later the device runs just as smooth as when I first got it, the screen and metal still look brand new and I love the way water runs of the screen when I resurface.


For a week now I’ve been swimming 50 lengths each morning, the watch silently monitoring my progress. There’s no Swimming option in the Workout app though, but by trying out the different other options, and comparing the results to what I find online, Rowing is the one that gives me the most accurate result. (But don’t take this as advice).

A few things I noticed though: sea water is rough on any material. And although I rinsed off the watch after swimming in the Mediterranean Sea for a while, it left a thin quoting of salt on the screen that lasted until I got the chance to thoroughly clean it with some Microfiber cloth

Secondly, I have a Black Sport band. And after a week in the Spanish sun, there’s a slight discoloration between the part that is facing out, and the end of the band that goes underneath. Nothing earth shattering, but water, sweat and sun apparently do have an effect, however small it is.


Would I’ve been mad if the watch broke while swimming? Maybe. But my watch has become such a part of me that not wearing it, or missing the chance of testing it to the limit felt worse.

I hope Apple brings some of their waterproofing tech to the iPhone. Not as a feature. And certainly not openly supported. But an iPhone that’s waterproof takes away a lot of the risk of using it in the rain, in the bathroom or in the pub. Although I would never use it like I use the watch now. Using an iPhone while swimming? No. I’m not that crazy.

(My watch behaved well in water. But I can’t guarantee yours will.)