Vigil 2.0

We’re excited to announce the release of Vigil 2. More than a simple upgrade, Vigil 2 is a complete re-imagining of our website monitoring app for iOS 8. – Vigil App

As a System Administrator Vigil is one of these apps that made my job a lot easier and my life a lot stressier.

Vigil checks availability of your websites and notifies you when they’re down. You can get notified with an email (I turned that of immediately), with a push notification or by manually checking the app or a today view widget.

It’s an indispensable service that, in my experience, very accurately reports on issues and it does so very quickly. I use it, among other things, to monitor firewalls of our retail locations at the office and I often know about a the Internet being down before those shops get a chance to call me.

This newest update is a total reimagining of the original app and it comes with a new pricing scheme that’s a bit more expensive, but if you rely on it for your job, the pricing is more than justified.

Lastly the service also has the ability to send status reports. It’s a weekly email with downtimes for every website it monitors and it gives a nice uptime percentage, which is perfect for comparing it to a KPI or guaranteed uptime promise.