Sonos and AirPlay

Streaming music across the house has become more easy these last few years. Sonos has supported all the major music services for years now, Alexa has Spotify support and the HomePod will be an Apple Music beast from the get go. But when you want to stream media from your devices, choices are limited. Sonos doesn’t natively support AirPlay or bluetooth, Alexa has bluetooth pairing, but it’s clumsy. The Apple HomePod supports AirPlay, and will soon support AirPlay 2 to stream music across multiple rooms. Sonos has also announced they will support the new AirPlay 2 later in 2018.

But what if you want to AirPlay Overcast or Audible to your Sonos speakers right now? One solution is this convoluted setup involving an AirPort Express, Sonos Connect or Play:5 and a lot of cables.

A better way? Audiobridge.


It’s a small software tool that live in the menubar of your Mac. It scans your network for Sonos devices and relays them as AirPlay sources to any device on your network. It’s fast, stable and for 10$ a lot cheaper than the “official” hardware solution.

I’ve been streaming podcasts all day from my iPhone to the Sonos devices across my house without any hiccups. Audio pauses when people call, you can rewind and fast forward from, let’s say, the Apple Watch and control the volume with Alexa or the Volume buttons on your devices.

Pretty sweet, especially if you have an always-on-Mac in the house.