Searching For Gateway Controller – Update

A few months ago I described a method to fix the Searching for Gateway Controller bug in Apple’s AST Service Tools.

Apparently they changed a few things in the latest version when running on 10.9.4 or later, and the deleted the aformentioned /LIbrary/Preferences/ file, so the described fix doesn’t work anymore.

Luckily they made solving the issue even easier, and removed the dependency on the original IP the server was configured with. Sadly, they introduced a new bug where the Gateway Manager can’t find it’s backend services anymore when the primary network interface gets a new identifier. E.g. your Mac reboots and the ethernetinterface changes from en0 to en1.

Fixing the issue

  • Make sure your hostname resolves to an IP that’s defined in your primary ehternet interface
  • Go to System Information and write down the BSD Device Name, commenly known as en0 or any other number for that interface.
  • Go to /Library/Preferences/ and open the file in a texteditor, preferably something like BBEdit that doesn’t change the file’s stucture while editing.
  • Search for the line NetworkInterface and change the corresponding interface en0 to the one you found.
  • Reboot the Mac
<plist version\="1.0"\><dict\><key\>NetworkInterfacekey\><string\>en0string\>dict\>plist\>


This hack worked for me in my setup, I’m not responsible for issues that occur when this hack does or does not work on your server.