Scaling HEY

Interview with Basecamp/HEY about the way they build HEY in the cloud.

I love this kind of technology breakdowns.

You shouldn’t pick up a given technology and integrate it with your stack just because it’s the trendy thing. We didn’t jump into the cloud 10 years ago just because it was cool, it felt like we were comparatively late to adopt Kubernetes, we don’t use a service mesh. We’ve let these technologies mature, and now we’re getting real value.

Speaking of HEY, although I love the way they handle privacy, unsolicited email and newsletters, the fact that it’s a proprietary format that locks you within one app and one platform is a showstopper for me.

I’d rather be able to use it like Gmail within the iOS mail app, or Feedbin in NetNewsWire, or Twitter in Twitterrific.