Remove TestFlight Beta’s

Last year Apple released TestFlight, their in-house beta testing platform that allows Developers to easily distribute beta’s to testers. Throughout the year I tried (and bug reported!) a lot of apps this way, and I collected a nice set of (mostly expired) beta’s.

The months after WWDC are traditionally a beta season, when not only iOS, but also plenty of third party developers, are trying out new things, and bug-fixing their apps to become compatible with the new API changes.

Since most of the TestFlight Apps in my list are currently Expired, and a couple of developers are moving their last iPad only apps to a Universal model, my TestFlight contains a lot of stuff that will probably never be updated.

It’s easy to clear the list though: just swipe to the left on the app, select Unsubscribe, confirm and the app is gone from your list. Extra benefit for the developer: they gain 1 slot in their list of 1000. (Or is it 2000 now?)