Prompt, command line on iOS

I’m an iPad user, although I have a Mac mini at home for backup, caching and media purposes but I prefer to use iOS for my daily entertainment.

My project for today was activating my Raspberry Pi again and trying to run Homebridge on it. And aside from dumping the Raspberry OS on a micro SD card via my Mac mini, I did all configuration on my iPad, using Panic’s lovely Prompt 2 app. It’s a great Terminal app that gives you a rock solid connection and has a great interface for doing command line work.

Since installing and testing Homebridge involved a lot of reusing the same code again and again until it works (rebooting the Raspberry, stopping and restarting Homebridge,..) I especially love the Clips feature. Clips allows you to store often used commands and have them available via a single tap. A bit like TextExpander, but you know, for code.

Panic’s apps also sync across your devices. So those same configurations are available on your iPad, iPhone and Mac. Pretty useful.