Product(Red) Promo

Apple launched a new promo today to support the Product(Red) cause. Selected apps from the App Store revamped their app with a red colour and gift either their full purchase price or special in app-purchases to the cause.

It’s a great gesture that will probably generate a lot of money.

A supportive promotion or something is fine but changing the app itself? Crosses a line, I think.— Fraser Speirs (@fraserspeirs) November 24, 2014

But from a user’s point of view I find the way they implemented this a little bit to invasive for my taste. Not only does my entire homescreen change appearance (a lot of apps changed colour), but some apps even changed user preferences. Maybe more subtle approach would have been better. Add a red dot next to apps names like Testflight does or a banner over the icons like they used to do in iOS 6

Either way, it’s a great gesture by Apple.