Play Apple Podcasts on Sonos

We use Sonos at home to stream radio and music across our apartment. It’s a great system with a pretty decent app, but sadly it lacks AirPlay support to easily get media that’s played on an iPhone or iPad to the speakers. I’m also an avid Podcast listener. I used to use Overcast, briefly switched to PocketCasts for its new Sonos integration, but I’ve currently moved back to Apple’s native Podcast app due to its new design, Siri integration and since I’m kinda hoping it’ll get support for the Watch someday.

Since I use the regular Podcast app, there wasn’t any clear way to AirPlay, sync or access those episodes on Sonos.

At least, not that I knew off.

But, while getting lost in Sonos’ new interface this morning, I discovered something: if you go to the Sonos app > Browse > On my iPhone, it now shows a Podcasts section at the bottom, and you can pick any downloaded episode on your device to play.

Sadly, it doesn’t sync playback status or time stamps (yet). And I have no idea happened to the album art. But I suspect they take it from the same source as Tesla does.

Here’s hoping AirPlay 2 will bring some better way of streaming media to Sonos.