Starting on iOS 9, apps will have to declare what URL schemes they would like to be able to check for and open in the configuration files of the app as it is submitted to Apple. This is essentially a whitelist that can only be changed or added to by submitting an update to Apple. (…) This will also practically kill any sort of launcher app, and prevent apps like Drafts and Workflow from accessing services in other apps, chaining URL callbacks and other complicated automation tasks. – Greg Pierce

Serious chance in iOS 9 with implications for a lot of apps. Not only will launchers like Launch Center Pro become very limited, but also apps like Workflow or any app that wants to integrate with party services needs to rethink their strategy or plan a lot in advance.

I understand why Apple is doing this, they want to protect user’s privacy, and URL schemes were a hack to begin with, most of which become useless once extensions became available. But it still has its uses, some apps even depend on it, so I hope Apple finds a better way to implement this.