OmniFocus for iPhone

Omni released their iPhone 6 compatible update for OmniFocus today. It fixes some time related bugs, but more specifically it adds support for the new screensizes.

I’ve been using OmniFocus for three years now and it has become an irreplacable part of my daily workflow. Since iOS 8 and the addition of Extensions and Today view widgets I’ve been using my iPhone more and more as my main interface to interact with OmniFocus.

Adding tasks to the default throughout the day is easy and fast, and OmniFocus automatically imports these in its inbox.The Today View widget is the first thing I look at while drinking a cup of coffee when arriving at the office.

There are a few little annoyances though. Or requests, since that sounds more positive.

Request #1: Deferred items in the Today View widget.

When OmniFocus first showed off the early beta release of OmniFocus 2 for Mac, they had an event where a couple of notorious GTD people talked about how they use OmniFocus.

One of those people was David Sparks who talked about using Defer dates as a way to clear your todo list and allow only tasks you need to do now to show up.

It’s a great way to manage a massive amounts of tasks, but sadly the Today View extension only shows items due and not deferred to today.So Request #1: Add deferred items to the Today View widget.

Request #2: Allow the extension to set defer dates.

Like many people I grab a lot of tasks from things I see or find online. The extension works like a charm, but I lack the option of immediately adding a defer or due date to the item.I now need to remember to grab those new tasks and defer them to a certain date, which kinda defeats the purpose of using a todo app.

Request 3: Add support for project-based perspectives

The IOS versions of Omnifocus only allow for context based perspectives. Any project based perspectives will not sync or be available in the IOS versions. – OmniGroup Forums

I’ve got a couple of perspectives that allow me to focus on either Work or Personal tasks. These perspectives still sort tasks by project, but the iOS version doesn’t show these perspectives.