One of the major benefits of having a streaming music platform is the availability of a seemingly infinite amount of songs on all your devices. But the realities of mobile data caps, international roaming and battery life make streaming always and everywhere impossible.

I’m on holiday at moment, and although the little house we’re renting has wifi, I still want to listen to music without using any data, or risking my data cap. Luckily Apple Music has a nice Make Available Offline option that should —theoretically — do exactly that. But  trying to cache anything from Apple Music offline is a complete clusterf***.I’ve tried downloading ~2000 songs a dozen times now and it works for a while, but then it locks up and refuses to download anything anymore and just shows a whole lot of Error messages until the queue runs out.

Worse, my iPhone also forgets that it has cached songs, and songs that were available offline are suddenly gone, although they are still using space on the device.  For example: yesterday night I downloaded 1134 songs. They were available and were playable. This morning: I’ve got 13 songs cached.

I don’t want to jump on the Apple Music is a nightmare bandwagon, and I love the service, but they have to fix the caching problem.