New Years Resolutions

Audit Your Web SubscriptionsAre you paying for Dropbox when you barely use it? Are you using Netflix enough to warrant the cost? $10 here and $5 there can add up to $50/month really quickly. Take a hard look at these costs and consider how valuable they are to you. – The Sweet Setup

Off all the items on their list, this one rang the most true. My credit card bill is due tomorrow, I just renewed Squarespace for a year, and Dropbox is a stayer, but I’m curious what else I’ll find on there that’s unnecessary.

Since most of these subscriptions are paid by credit card, there’s another easy trick to clear the list: cancel your credit card and ask a new one from your bank. New card means all existing subscriptions can’t renew, you’ll get mails asking you to renew and you can pick the ones you still like, and ignore the others.