Morning Report

Recently I started listening to the 9to5Daily Podcast while starting my day. It’s a fun short overview of Apple related news. Yesterday, launched Subnet, a show hosted by Stephen Hackett with a similar premise.

Two great shows to start your day which I’ve added to a Morning News playlist.

Today I discovered an easy handsfree way on Twitter to start a Morning Report via Siri on your iPhone or AirPods.

 Hey Siri, play my (name of podcast playlist) podcast station.

In my case, I named the playlist Morning News and when summoned via Siri, my iPhone starts telling me the current news. Pretty cool!

Similarly Alexa also has a Flash Briefing feature, which plays a queue of selected news sources.

Subnet is also available on Alexa thanks to the latest integration, as are a list of other news related sources.

 Hey Alexa, play my Flash Briefing. 

This results in Alexa starting with Subnet, followed by local news and a few other short stations.