Moleskine and Adobe

Simplify the creative process and create work using both analog and digital without restrictions. The Moleskine Smart Notebook and companion App, Creative Cloud connected, instantly turn your hand-drawn sketches into fully workable vector files accessible within the Adobe Creative Cloud. – Moleskine

Moleskine, known for its fine notebooks, announced a new notebook today that merges digital and analog. Or in other words: they announced a notebook that costs more than a regular Moleskine, has an Adobe logo and allows you to take a photo and upload the image to Adobe Creative Cloud.

You know what also does that? My Field Notes and the ScanBot app. And a lot cheaper.

Maybe that’s a bit to harsh but they’re not really reinventing the wheel here the way they did with the Evernote integration and OCR a few years ago.

And didn’t Adobe just release an app that does exactly the same but with any notebook and even converts your image to vectors?

I like the concept of digitizing analog tools, but this seems weird.