Merge tickets with the iOS mobile app

The latest update of the Zendesk Mobile app today contained a nice new feature: the ability to merge tickets on the go.

In this release we added the ability for you to merge two or more tickets together from the ticket list.

It works just like Zendesk on the web. You select one or more tickets, press the Merge icon, and then you can select a recent ticket, or search for a specific one. The only thing missing is the toggle between alerting the end user of the merge, or merging it as an internal note, but luckily the app falls back to the more private option of the two, and just merges the tickets without alerting the requester(s).

I have to say, after last month’s addition of in-app Talk status updates, the addition of bulk changes two months ago, this app is on a nice pace updating and adding new features every month.

Props to the team in Dublin!

IMG_0540.jpeg IMG_0541.jpeg IMG_0542.jpeg