Lightning macOS Imaging

Wiping an iPhone or iPad is easy: go to settings and choose erase all content and settings. Or, connect the device to iTunes or Apple Configurator and click Erase and Update.

But handling Macs is a bit more difficult. You could do an Internet Recovery if you have a day to spare. You could create an Install Disk if you have an afternoon and an external drive to spare.

But there’s a faster and better way: FileWave Lightning. It does clean installs of a Mac in 10 seconds over Thunderbolt 3 via Target Mode.

“A clean install of macOS in 10 seconds.”

It’s a tool I use on a daily basis while managing Macs at the company I work for. It’s fast. Wickedly fast.

Steps to wipe your Mac

  1. Boot the Mac you want to wipe in Target Mode
  2. Open Lightning and press Deploy
  3. Select the mounted drive
  4. Press Deploy
  5. Done.

How to Create the restore image

  1. Download High Sierra from the App Store
  2. Click Create
  3. Drag the Installer you just download into the Lightning window
  4. Image creation takes 10-15 minutes. (so yeah technically Lightning takes 15 minutes to reinstall a Mac, but your second one will be a lot faster!)