It’s all about the Kits

There’s been a lot of speculation about today’s Keynote. Will Apple only talk about the Watch? Will they release new MacBooks?

So today while browsing Apple’s Developer website something occured to me: if they structure the Keynote about the DevKits they released last june they’ll have a nicely structured story.



The reason we’re all watching the Keynote today: they talk about the Watch, pricing (sigh..), models, availability.

Then they’ll do a walktrough of the core features: communication, glances. They’ll show a couple of third party apps using the new API’s.


Act 2. Tim Cook will go on stage and show a movie about fitness and health. He’ll demonstrate the Watches tight integration with the Health app on the iPhone. He’ll talk about Fitness tracking and the new HealthKit API integration to track workouts.


HomeKit’s been around for a couple of months now but hasn’t really been available for users yet. I could see a demo where they’ll show of the Siri integration on the Watch to interact with a house. Dim the lights by talking to Siri, or lock your door from your Watch with an app.They have to release HomeKit someday, and by combining Watch and HomeKit they give legitimacy to both.


And to wrap it all up they’ll show off Photos. They’ll talk about how when you favorite a photo on your Mac or iPad it’ll automatically show up on your Watch. They’ll briefly talk about the Photos app on the Mac.


Nothing as fun as predicting before an event:

  • Apple Watch
  • iOS 8.2
  • OS X 10.10.3