iPhone X Claim Chowder

The iPhone X drastically alters the way we interact with iOS and our phones. No more home button, more interactions that rely on gestures and a device state that, similar to the Watch, changes depending on what the user is doing.After using the iPhone X for only a day I’m feeling some of those new UI and UX decisions are temporary and will change with a future iOS versions once we get used to this new home button-less world.

So, some Claim Chowder:

  • The home indicator will become optional or disappear like scrollbars in a future version of iOS. For now it has to be visible so users don’t get lost while we migrate away from the home button.
  • Similar, I think the Face ID animation is going to become faster and less visible once people get used to it. Currently it has to be very visible because we aren’t used to invisible security yet.
  • More apps will start using the password autofill because logging into an app with manually password entry feels ancient now.
  • AirPower will be to battery life what Face ID is for security. It’ll quickly make battery anxiety going away once more surfaces will become charging surfaces. I can see it quickly become part of desks, arm rests, night stands.
  • Since Apple now knows when we’re actually looking at the device, they should link background fetching to attention. Is the iPhone on a table and is the owner glancing at it? Do a background fetch of email, Tweetbot, News,… in the background and notify them if something new is available.

iPhone X feels like a reset, similar to how iOS 11 did a reset of the iPad. Can’t wait to see where they go next.