Each new year, people share pictures of their homescreens on Twitter, Instagram and other social sharing platforms. If you search Twitter for #homescreen2014, you will see a stream of pictures of people’s homescreens — the primary screen of their phone with all the apps they choose to keep there. It is fascinating to browse through this stream of images — analyzing it is even more interesting. Right after the new year, we culled 1000 homescreen images from – #Homescreen

Homescreen is a new app launched by Betaworks that allows users to share their Homescreen on Twitter and Facebook.Based on those shared screens they generate a generic homescreen on their website that’s populated by the most used apps on people’s iPhone.

That’s the idea. But in reality the app is a good way to crowd source Betawork’s yearly research on which apps people store on their Homescreen.Instead of getting a very selective group of users, they can hopefully expand their research to a much bigger user group.