Hiding the iTunes Music Store

Shortly after Apple released Apple Music last week plenty of people started posting various tutorials on improving the app’s interface. My favorites so far are:



You can check which songs are downloaded and how much space they use on your iOS device by going to Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage > Music.

Update For You

By going to Music > Profile icon top left > Choose Artist for you, you can run the Setup process again and select other or better genres and artists.

Change the icon of a Playlist

You can even change the icon of a playlist, replacing the 4×4 grid of album art with a custom photo by opening iTunes on the Mac and dragging a square image on top of the current image. iTunes will even change the header color to match your custom art.

iTunes Store

Cool tweaks, but they only apply to the Music app. What about the iTunes Store? Now that streaming is native on iOS, and integrated into iTunes, I don’t have any use for the music part of the iTunes Store anymore.

Luckily, you can hide music in the app, and put the remaining parts front and center. Which, in my case, means turning the iTunes Store app into a dedicated Movie Store app.

Somehow it’s a shame Apple didn’t fully exploit Apple Music launch to strip the iTunes Store app on iOS into separate parts. If they can put the iBook Store into iBooks, surely they can put the iTunes movie store into Movies.app? Maybe that’s something they’ll do once the Apple TV and video platform are relaunched?

How to hide music in the iTunes Store

  • Open the iTunes Store app
  • Click on the More-ellipsis icon in the toolbar
  • Press Edit top right
  • Drag any of the remaining icons on the Music icon (I picked purchases)
  • Rearrange the toolbar if needed
  • Press Done.