Dual Screen Wallpapers

Twelve South uploaded a collection of beautiful dual screen wallpapers today for your Mac and Cinema Display. They had to account for a lot of variables in screen sizes, so the collection contains a lot of images that, sadly, require a separate download for each screen size.

Normally I would grab my Mac and do a curl to download all the files automatically, but since I was viewing this on my iPad, and didn’t want to get up, I decided to explore other options to easily save all the wallpapers.

It’s in these kind of scenario’s that Workflow really shows its power. I created a workflow that grabs the content from a website, collects all the links on that page and if the link contains jpg it saves the linked file to Dropbox, if not it ignores it.

It’s not the most elegant of scripts, and it only works if the linked images are jpgs, but in this scenario it did its job surprisingly well. I went back to Safari, tapped the Workflow extension, chose my workflow and two minutes later all 96 wallpapers were uploaded to Dropbox.