CES and FeedWrangler

The yearly CES convention will be held in Vegas next week, which means most tech news sites will contain a lot of “news” related to CES. And with news I mean news posts that mostly copy the same information on multiple websites. Most of the products presented aren’t that interesting but I like to quickly scroll through those news items to get a feel for what’s happening there.

For a while now when a major tech event is happening I rely on FeedWrangler’s smart streams to quickly filter the news and move all items related to that event in a separate stream.

So for CES I created a smart stream that contains CES or CES2015 and looks at all feeds and only shows unread items.

When I sit down to read through my RSS feeds I can quickly scroll trough all the CES related material, read what seems cool, and mark it all as read. What’s left is all other news, nicely filtered in their own smart streams but without the clutter that these kind of events tend to produce.