Apple Store Brussel

Apple opened a new store today. The store, in the heart of Brussels, is Apple’s first store in Belgium, and it’s also their first shop in a new design.

I went to the opening together with a few hundred other fans, and I have to say, it’s a completely different experience than any other Apple Store I ever visited. Gone are the price cards, there’s a lot less accessories, no genius bar and there’s trees in the middle of the shop.

Breaking with tradition, this time Apple didn’t give the first visitors a T-Shirt to commemorate the event. No, people got a set of 5 exclusive postcards featuring art from well —and lesser— known Belgian comic artists. Each set combined creates the top part of the Apple logo.

Thanks to some friendly Apple Store employees, who recently switched jobs, I got a few sets. There’s a total of fifteen different cards, combining into three different logosets.

Below are thirteen out of fifteen different designs. If anyone has the remaining two, I do have doubles to trade!

For those interested, I’ve scanned the ones I have.


Thanks to @Undertaxxx25 and @Nico_rhns the digital sets are complete now.