Always Two There Are

  • Instapaper or Pocket?
  • Reeder or Unread?
  • Twitterrific or TweetBot?
  • Google Drive or Dropbox?
  • OmniFocus or Todoist?
  • Backblaze or CrashPlan?
  • WordPress or Squarespace?

I’ve switched so many times between two options to solve the same problem that I’ve bound to have lost a year of my life somewhere down the line. And now there’s a new choice: iCloud Photos or Google Photos?

iCloud Photos offer convenience, it integrates with all my devices, it’s fairly stable and syncs fast. But Google offers better search and its cloud is probably more stable. The downside is that its syncing will be an add-on to iOS and not native. 

As a tech aficionado I always want to try out the other option, just in case it’s better somehow. But moving my photos from Dropbox to iCloud Photos was such a big project, I can’t bring myself to migrate yet again to try something new. Especially not since I already tried Everpix, PictureLife, Google+Photos, Carousel and now iCloud Photos in three years time.

When faced with two choices simply toss a coin. It works not because it settles the question for you but because in that brief moment when a coin is in the air you suddenly know what you are hoping for. 

That’s why for some items there’s only one option for me:

So I guess iCloud Photos is where my Photos will live for the near future. I love what Google is doing with analytics and machine learning, but if I have to choose, I pick convenience and integration over smarts.