The iPhone X supports wireless charging via the QI standard, and the Apple Watch has its own proprietary charging system that’s kinda similar to QI but not really. After a few months of using wireless charging, I have to say, it’s pretty awesome. Charging an iPhone is nothing more than putting it on my desk/nightstand/kitchentop. Never expected not needing to grab a Lightning cable could be so convenient. I even tried adding QI to my iPad Pro with a third party Lightning to QI sticker, which works, and charging an iPad with a bit more than 5W is possible but takes ages. So for now, it’s good old usb for the iPad.

Sometime in 2018 Apple will release its AirPower standard that wirelessly charges iPhone, Apple Watch Series 3 and AirPods on a single charging mat. (AirPods will require a new case though). Since I’ve got a Series 2 Watch I can’t really use it to its fullest, but the idea seems pretty neat.

In the meanwhile I created my own wireless charging solution that’s not that different from an AirPower mat.

I recently bought an Ikea Nørdmarke Wireless Charger, which can charge up to three QI devices and has an extra USB port on the side. Add an Apple Watch charger with some double sides tape and voila, homemade AirPower solution.

(This made me look for a way to charge my AirPods too, but the solution is kinda ugly and kinda prone to wear and tear.)

Wireless charging. Love the convenience.