Absurd iOS 8 Bug

While reading on my iPad tonight, I saw that there was a new page added to the springboard. I could remember downloading any new apps, so I was curious what app had been pushed to that new page.

I swiped to the last page, and saw four white grid icons with names that seemed familiar but I couldn’t immediately put a finger on. I tried to launch the apps but none of them would launch. So I took a screenshot and deleted the apps.

A little while later it dawned on me that some of those apps had names I’d given to little code snippets and apps I build with the (Apple)Script editor on my Mac Those files are stored in iCloud Drive. So I went to my Mac, and sure enough those same apps where in iCloud Drive/Script Editor.

How they got on the springboard of my iPad? No clue. My iPad has never been synced with my Mac, and when I try to open the Script Editor’s folder with e.g. Readdle Documents on my iPad the folder is grayed out.If anyone can shine a light on this mystery, please tell me, because I’ve got no idea how this is even possible.

iPad Screenshot

iCloud Drive Screenshot