Backblaze Support via Zendesk


Backblaze is an awesome backup tool for your Mac or PC. For just 6$ a month you get unlimited backup in the cloud. I’ve been using them for years, and they saved my neck more than once with quick recovery of a single file, or a recovery of an entire dead media hard drivefull of photos. 

They have a fun blog which talks not only about Backblaze and how the product works and evolves, but from time to time it branches out to how the departments within Backblaze work.

This weeks’ article came with a fun little detail: the entire support branch runs of Zendesk, offering both chat and email support via Zendesk. (I wonder if they’ll ever implement the Zendesk SDK in their mobile app?

The Support team uses Zendesk, a customer service management application, to handle their workload. When a customer submits a ticket, it gets distributed to the next available Support Technician. Same with chat—as users reach out, they get routed to whoever is available for a response. What this means is that new challenges flow into each of the Tech’s queues all day long. They address the issues as they arrive and work to close out each one in turn.

Related: if you need a backup, give their service a spin. It’s good.