5 minutes with the iPhone X

I had the chance to briefly play around with an iPhone X today.Some quick thoughts:

  • It’s grippy. The glass and steel combination makes it very solid to handle. Not slippery at all.
  • It feels thicker than I expected and it’s not really a one-handed device like the iPhone 8 is. I couldn’t open Control Center with one hand.
  • Silver is pretty and the glossy border is reminiscent of the original iPhone and iPhone 3GS. The space gray version is weird. Three different tints of grey that don’t really blend together. I like the Jet Black 7 more.
  • Gestures feel natural and unlocking not only feels quicker than using Touch ID, it feels just as easy and smooth as the original slide to unlock without pincode.
  • That screen. Gorgeous. A bit of blue and yellow color distorting in extreme angels but straight on, it’s just perfect.
  • I didn’t really notice the notch at all. It feels like part of the design and not like something that bothers me. And it helps with holding the device right side up (hello Apple TV remote)

Mine is arriving tomorrow. I picked a 256GB in silver.