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Apple Keynote 2018

Pretty cool overview of what Apple announced this week. If you ask me, the Apple Watch was the star of the show, and the XR was the product I enjoyed the most.

If people ask me what iPhone I’d advice them to buy it’s the Xr, no doubt about that for me personally, if history implies patterns, you’d expect me to buy a 256GB iPhone Xs Max in black.

But the iPhone X was next years phone today when they released it, so it’s still awesome.

And although the Apple Watch Series 4 sounds awesome, if you consider the realities in Belgium it paints another picture:

  • No cellular option
  • No Apple Pay
  • Like everyone outside of the US no new heart monitor features

Which makes my Series 3 not that different. And, based in the photos, the 44m model seems a bit too big for me, and I’m not going to a 40mm. That would mean throwing out a lot of watch bands.

So.. did their new products impress me?


Will I buy any?