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🧐 Metagame

Beware the Metagame
Have you ever wondered why the less
If you find yourself going to a lot of conferences, opining too much on the latest fad in your field, and talking more about doing the thing than doing the job itself, then you, my friend, are getting sucked into the metagame.

🤔 Thoughts on the event

Thoughts and Observations on This Week’s ‘Wonderlust’ Apple Event
The Super Bowl of technology.

✈️ iPhone 15 Event Travel Vlog

📱iPhone 15 Pro Titanium

iPhone 15 Pro facts and estimates
A couple of things I learned and one reasonable guess.
I guessed it would be Ti-6Al-4V because it’s the garden-variety alloy for titanium. A great material, but not exotic in any way. Apart from many aerospace applications, it’s also used in medical implants, so you know that skin contact won’t be a problem.

🚀 Millennium Falcon

I got a fracking Lego Millennium Falcon from by boss to celebrate me working five years at the company 🤯