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User-hostile companies

Why do companies become hostile to their customers?
Over the years, I’ve shown unwavering loyalty to various products and companies, championing them based on personal experiences that attested to their value. However, that loyalty is not reci…
Cell phone providers, cable companies, credit card firms, and even physical fitness chains have relied on mistreating their patrons to boost their profits. Now, it seems we need to add Square and other technology companies to this list.

Taking back our streets

This last principle was so commonplace that in 1871, after the horses of a San Francisco omnibus trampled a child, lawyers argued to the California Supreme Court that “in cities children have a right to play in the streets unattended, and it is necessary to look out for them.” As late as the 1950s, Willie Mays could take time between games to play stickball in the streets of Harlem.
The rise of the automobile vanquished that culture completely, as regulation, design and custom established a clear hierarchy of rights to the city.


Mysteries van Vlaanderen: kan je de wereldberoemde trappist van Westvleteren namaken? (deel 1)
Westvleteren 12 werd in 2005 verkozen tot beste bier ter wereld en die titel hangt bijna 20 jaar later nog rond het West-Vlaamse gerstenat. Westvleteren gist nog na als het in de fles zit. Mysteriejager Sam wil proberen om met die gist het exclusieve gerstenat na te maken.

I’m a fake brand, in a fake world

I’m a fake brand, in a fake world: The secrets behind designing a great fictional brand for TV and film
Duff Beer, Dunder Mifflin Paper, Wonka Candies, Barbie merchandise… We’ve seen countless made-up brands transcend seamlessly from the screen into the real world. So what’s the key to their success? We chat to the graphics team behind the Barbie film, Wes Anderson’s go-to graphic designer, motion des…
Fictional brands are used for a handful of reasons – building alternative realities or avoiding product placement fees are just two examples. Whether that’s through made-up labels designed to blend seamlessly into their fictional worlds, a futuristic soft drink enjoyed by a protagonist or an unrealistic fashion brand worn in a dystopian universe, every element on screen contributes to the authenticity of the narrative.

An ode to Ash Ketchum

An Ode To Pokémon’s Ash Ketchum
With the character’s final episodes coming to Netflix, we look back at the impact of Pokemon’s original hero
On September 8, Ash Ketchum’s final Pokémon episodes will premiere on Netflix. After 25 years and over 1,200 episodes, the anime has retired its long-time protagonist and is moving on to new main characters [...] But regardless of whether or not you think Ash and his quest to be a Pokémon Master should have been kicked to the curb years ago, a pillar of nearly every fan’s Pokémon journey is coming to an end.