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🛕 Our Hero is old

Our Hero Is Old
Is it John Williams or Harrison Ford…

Another reason is that Indiana Jones is fucking old. Harrison Ford is old. John Williams is old. Hell, I’m nowhere near their age and I’m still experiencing existential crises about mortality and fate and what lies beyond, so who knows what they’re going through. And one of the strengths of “Dial of Destiny” is that it allows our hero - Indiana Jones - to be old.

📸 Leica Q2

The Leica Q2
There’s been this weird shift of mindset — of modus operandi — after the Leica Q2 arrived. Before, if you asked me to provide my status in the photography world, back-against-the-wall, I would have told you I was an amateur photographer. By and large, I am just an amateur photographer. I’

Another one for the Unobtainable Wishlist.

🏢 The Work

The work is never just “the work”
A deep dive on why projects always take longer and a framework to improve future estimation

🎨 Rebuilding TechCrunch layout with modern CSS

Case Study: Rebuilding TechCrunch layout with modern CSS
Rebuilding TechCrunch with modern CSS.

🎼 Ludovico Einaudi