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☢️ Iodized salt

News From a Changing Planet: The Atomic Age
Tatiana Schlossberg on how weapons testing, government secrecy, and environmental regulation connect to human health and culture.

This is how they learned about the issue with milk. Iodine-131 was another radionuclide the government was concerned about. However, it was shown that the body would favor uptake of regular iodine if both were available, and iodized salt came onto the market in the 1920s as a way to prevent goiters and thyroid cancer because many Americans were iodine-deficient. Phew.

Email Development sucks

Why Does Email Development Have to Suck?
Explaining all the <tr>‘s and <td>’s…

First of all, if you're reading this because you unwillingly have to deal with email development, you have my deepest condolences for being one of the cursed souls condemned to suffer through this absurdity.

# Car repaint

🥩Cast iron

🍓 Filtered aquarium