Zendesk Widget Configurator

Zendesk has a very expansive API allowing you to access basically any part of the Zendesk Suite via organised and very clear API calls.

One of the tools in their offering, the Zendesk Widget, combines all customer facing channels into one widget you can embed on your website. It’s a single line deployment that’s easily installed.

But, if you need or want more than the out of the box experience, they also offer a vast API to tweak colors, labels, behaviour and features. The API is easy to use if you know a bit about javascript, but sometimes a GUI is just easier.

That’s what the Zendesk Widget Configurator is. A tool that takes the widget API, and turns it in a webform. It shows changes you make in a live widget, and generators the necessary code that you can copy-paste directly on your page’s head to get the changes live on your website.

Give it a go at widget.guide

If you find any bugs, feel free to use the contact form to submit a report ;-)