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Change the title of iCloud Photo Library Memories

Yesterday I got a notification for a memory from three years ago called Kris’s Birthday. iCloud Photos had somehow found out that it was Kris’s birthday yesterday, and that he and I were at the same event on his birthday a few years ago.

I really like these kind of memories and alerts. They’re timely, often bring back events I had forgotten about, and the photo selection is quite good.

Only, this time, the event itself had nothing to do with the fact that it was my friend’s birthday. And I couldn’t find a way to change the memory’s title within iOS Photos.

Thanks to @joshducharme, that’s now been solved:

You can! It’s non-obvious though: 1. Select the video made for the memory 2. Once it downloads and starts, tap on it and choose Edit 3. Change the title of the video Once you save, it renames the video title and the name of the memory.

— Josh Ducharme (@joshducharme) March 4, 2018

How to change a Memory