CacheWarmer pre-populates iOS system updates on a Caching Server for specified iOS device models. CacheWarmer can be downloaded here. The package installs the CacheWarmer executable, and schedules it to run every hour. It’s recommended, but not required, to install CacheWarmer on your Caching Server so all interactions are local. – Fraser Hess

The internet connection at our office is notoriously slow. And since we’re an Apple focused office, updates are downloaded rather vigurously. Which means that any tool I can use to improve a users’ download experience is a win-win sutuation for me.

Since the tool lacks a CacheWarmer –add-model all command, I’ve compiled a .txt file with all the code necessary to add all iOS devices in one go based on Fraser Hess’ manual.

Just download this text file, select all, copy and paste in terminal after you’ve configured the caching server and installed the license file. And don’t forget to pre-populate the server buy running the cachewarmer command when finished!

Awesome little tool!


Since CacheWarmer 10 you can add all the models with: CacheWarmer –add-model all