Microsoft showed of an early release of Windows 10 yesterday. And yes that’s not a typo, it isn’t called Windows 9 but they skip a numeral and go directly to ten. Which, according to this tweet is because the entire Windows code base is filled with if-else code searching for Windows 9 to find Windows 95 and 98 versions.

Either way it’s a weird release. They started with apologizing for the fact that it’s a beta. They keep referring to Windows 7 and 8 users as seperate use cases that will both end up using Windows 10. It’s almost like they admit that 8 was a failure.

Instead of proudly saying what they did, they squirm and apologize for every decision. Imagine Apple releasing iOS 8 and saying: for those users that didn’t liken iOS 7 we added a few textures back into the OS. Apple never does this. They present what is, and ignore what was. Microsoft keeps going back to what was. They design for a committee instead of choosing a path and continuing in that path.

I was hoping for a Windows 10 that was like OS X to Classic: A buggy release that gives us a new vision on Windows that will evolve into a powerful new platform.But what they delivered was the stillborn child of Windows 7 and 8. It felt a bit like running an iOS 6 app on an iOS 8 device. It works, but it doesn’t belong.

Too bad.